The site for Open Source Design as a solution to Global Warming

This site is under construction

The Plan:

To use the ethos of Open Source, the power of internet communities and the creativity of individuals across the world to develop personal, community, and industrial solutions to global warming. Got a small technical idea that others could build on? Got a low carbon solution, an innovative design or a desire to buy? This is the place for you. The site will aim to provide a forum for developing designs and site to flag up a willingness to buy in to new technology.

How it might work:
Someone has a great idea. The community builds it into a workable design. People show a willingness to buy through a "what I would pay for this" section. Then maybe if enough people show enough willingness at the right price a company turns the designs into a product.

We're looking for:

Programming skills
Experience in setting up or running social networks or forums
Experience of using Creative Commons Licensing
Design ideas for dealing with Global Warming

If you are interested in contributing, please send us an email


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